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Written by Ben Gross

Date: 28.09.2016

Why creating the customer journey is essential for your business or organisation?
Firstly what is it, A customer journey map tells the story of the customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship.

This is an example of one we did for our client. Read the full case study here

Why is it important?

Each customer needs to be lead on a meaningful and memorable journey. Providing them with great content that is tailored for them increases engagement. Which increase your successes.

Mapping out the customer journey builds a strong business case by. By understanding the points a customer engages means you can target them with direct content; resolve any potential frustrations they may have and rectify areas they are dropping off.

How do you create a great journey?

1. Instill trust and create brand advocates This is through great branding, great content, a strong story and consistency 2. Utilise data What do your audience look like and how do you market to them 3. Create a journey map & tech roadmap Sketch it out and think about every interaction your clients have. Then use this information to make a visual graphic

What are the aims for defining a journey

Doing a journey well makes users interactions seamless. This leads to tangible results you can measure

1. Increase retention and loyalty

2. Increase ROI

3. Decrease costs of campaigns

4. Increase brand awareness

How can you get started?

Share all reports internally.Use them to make a few conclusions

Define your customer. Create a persona of them ideally Define common KPI’s. For example. How many people are using your brand , how long are they staying on your website. How many clicks are you getting per month. How can you benchmark then start improving Start small – Do some simple tests. Run 3 email campaigns, Can you create 10 social media banners and put them out to increase your traffic Celebrate your wins

Last Thoughts

Whether your user is using apps, websites, shops or ringing your teams you need to be ready for when the customer is ready to engage. All the applications need to be well designed and thought out and they’re place in the customer journey defined. Having this overview is key to your customers having an engaging journey and boosting your company. Speak to us if you want to discuss this in more detail email Ben

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