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The Challenge

We wanted to really understand your challenges in business. So, we decided to create our own brand and company. This resulted in CARVD. An ethical company which would manufacture wooden products.

The challenge was creating something from scratch which would generate interest, make money and give us a different perspective.

The Solution

We applied the principles and strategies we use for all our clients. We formed a vision, created values, researched the market and created a branded set of assets which would reflect to the heart of the company.

We designed our own products, formed relationships with the Manchester design community to use guest designers.

We marketed it through social media and showcased it at events all whilst building a slick e-commerce platform to function as our shop window. This resulted in a very successful micro business.

So much so, CARVD is now a tool for our newest recruits to take on and use to get them into the values of Electric Circus.

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