Making digital transformation work wonders

Here at Electric Circus, we make digital transformation work wonders for companies of all kinds. Whatever you use to achieve your goals – be it an app, website or other digital tool – it will work better when backed with incisive insight. In fact, insight is essential. Without it, you’ll never know if your marketing budget, app or website is really delivering for you and your users.

So what is insight?

Simply put, it’s the capture and analysis of data that tells you how people use your app, website or other digital tool. 

Why does it work wonders?

“Data can’t answer every question,” says our Head of Insight, Matt Fawthrop, “but it does provide valuable information that helps you make decisions that lead to success.” 


Understanding how people are interacting with your digital product helps you make improvements that can enhance their experience, increase conversions (users clicking where you want them to click) and achieve an excellent return on your investment. 


For example, through insight you may discover you need to simplify a web form or re-order popular content. Need to know if your social media ads are doing their job? Insight can tell you. Knowing if your audience is converting can help you measure the efficiency of your marketing spend.

How has Electric Circus worked wonders with insight? 

Here are some examples… 

  • Tesco needed to get their staff up to speed with a new store and people management system. We created a simulation of the system for employees to practice with before it launched – and we tracked their activity. This told us which processes staff were struggling with so Tesco could identify knowledge gaps and make strategic decisions. 
  • We created a recruitment app for Care Friends and tracked the open and conversion rates of the notifications sent out by the app. This enabled us to see which notifications and times of day worked best – and this information meant we could optimise which notifications to send out and when.
  • After analysing where users were going on the Cygnet Health Care recruitment site, we saw there could be a case for restructuring the home page. To test this theory, we developed an alternative home page and conducted an A/B test. The two versions of the home page were shown to different visitors and we tracked their activity. The result: the alternative version performed better and created more conversions. It is now the homepage for all users. 

Can’t I just use Google Analytics to do all that?

“Google Analytics provides a basic level of data collection – and that comes as standard with our products. But we want to ensure your site, app or tool is fulfilling its purpose,” says Matt. “Is the activity on your digital platform producing results that align with your KPIs? That’s the information we want to capture for you – and you don’t get these specific insights out of the box from Google.” 

So how do I gain these specific insights?

At Electric Circus, we have a three-part process:

  1. The first is to identify the purpose of your digital platform and what kind of data you need to capture.  
  2. Once we’ve captured it, we make sure we present the information to you in a way you understand. 
  3. Lastly, we analyse the data and provide actionable insights to improve the performance of your digital platform, so it enables you to achieve your goals.  

How do you make it easy for me to understand? 

We use Google Data Studio and build a bespoke report that captures the interactions you want to know about. We can align this report with your KPIs so you can use it as a team or share it with your Board. It updates automatically, so you don’t have to spend time trying to get it to work. 

 “Essentially, it’s about what you want your users to do,” Matt explains. “Using insight, we can see if they’re doing it or not. And we can use that information to make changes to get them to do more of it – and that’s how you achieve success.”