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When you need to engage, motivate and inspire your people. Improve your learning experiences. Or to stand out when you hire – you can solve your HR challenges like a pro with our FREE discovery worksheets.

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How they will help you

The worksheets clearly guide you through exploring problem statements, discovering potential solutions and workshopping ideas with your team. Together, they form a valuable toolkit that will help you think differently about your HR challenges and come up with creative ways to solve them.

The toolkit is based on how we approach our discovery sessions with our clients. And we’re offering our expertise to you, for FREE. So download the worksheets here – and get your hands on a proven tool for creatively tackling HR challenges.

Worksheet 1

Problem and Solution

You’ll define the challenge you’re facing, understand its importance and how it fits with your larger goals. You’ll also imagine your dream outcome and workshop what you need to do, change or implement to achieve it.

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Worksheet 2

Impact and Focus

This will enable you to rate and review your potential solutions, as well as identify their barriers and opportunities – and the audiences affected by them.


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Worksheet 3

Audience Profiling

This will help you understand the people you need to engage in order to solve the problem. You’ll outline their motivations, characteristics and behaviour – and identify the best ways to reach and engage them.


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“The discovery sessions with Electric Circus have been invaluable to us. When the pandemic forced us to pivot our business, they helped us interrogate operational challenges, uncovered hidden opportunities and pushed us to think differently. Their approach resulted in some innovative solutions which are now delivering significant value to our organisation.”

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