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Keep your top talent

Ever fantasised about leading an organisation where every individual sees a promising path of growth within your company? Picture the thrill of being the architect of a robust talent retention strategy, leveraging your resources to develop not just employees, but career trailblazers.

Imagine an environment where talent doesn’t leave, but evolves. Where growth and learning are the lifeblood of your organisation, fulfilling your staff’s career aspirations and fuelling your company’s success.

This transformative vision is what we at Electric Circus strive to bring to life for our clients, including many global giants such as Amazon, Tesco and Mars.

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Our Internal Mobility Solutions

Grow your people, and your business

Investing in internal mobility has clear commercial benefits: improved retention rates, improved engagement, improved innovation and fewer skills gaps. 

Numerous studies have shown this to be true. Employees who move into new jobs internally are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged than those who stay in their current jobs, with staff staying 41% longer at companies that prioritise internal hiring.

However, 68% of HR professionals admit they don’t have effective skills mapping capabilities, while 48% lack the technology required to record career ambitions, skills, learning and job opportunities.

That’s where we come in. We offer a range of solutions, each designed with the sole purpose of enhancing internal mobility, cultivating an environment of continuous learning, and maximising your talent retention efforts.


Self-evaluation tools

Our bespoke self-evaluation tools act as a catalyst for meaningful career development conversations between employees and managers. This intuitive tool allows staff members to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, facilitating targeted training efforts to close skill gaps and empower employees in their career growth.

How we helped Tesco

International Law Firm

Learning pathway systems

By linking training with internal mobility, we give your learning and development initiatives a clear purpose. This system fosters a culture of continuous learning, aligns training efforts with career progression, and ultimately, encourages retention by giving employees a roadmap for their career advancement.

National Nuclear Laboratory

Interactive PDFs and assets

These multimedia resources provide employees and managers with the necessary guidance to leverage their careers, transforming them from passive participants to active navigators of their growth journey within your organisation.

More Internal Mobility Solutions

Support your L&D strategy

Here’s how else we can improve your employee engagement…


Insight and analysis

We can also support you in diving deeper into your data to help you understand how users are interacting with your custom experiences.

This analysis can help you review your existing content and form a long-term strategy that will lead to significantly improved engagement.


EVP and employer branding

But if you want to tie everything we’ve talked about together into a cohesive, overarching strategy that gets to the true roots of your learning and development challenges, we recommend working on your EVP and employer branding.

In today’s landscape, having a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and employer brand is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. It’s the backbone of your organisation’s identity and reputation. But building a captivating EVP and employer brand that resonates with your employees is a challenging task that requires deep insight, creativity, and strategic thinking.

That’s where we come in. We partner with HR teams to help develop a robust EVP and employer brand that reflects your culture, values, and unique selling points as an employer. We help you articulate the promise you make to your employees – clarifying what makes you stand out, why talent should join, and what they can expect from being part of your team.

With our support, you will retain and engage your people more effectively.

How we create your EVP & Employer Brand

Popular places to start

A technical audit of your current experience

Our team dives deep into your existing internal mobility systems, assessing their user experience, efficiency, and effectiveness. This audit provides you with a clear overview and actionable recommendations for improvement.

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A technical audit of your current experience

A discovery session to understand your audience

Here, we adopt a listening ear, understanding your aspirations, needs, and challenges. We then assist you in charting your employees’ growth journey, understanding their aspirations, and creating a personalised career development experience.

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A discovery session to understand your audience

Stories from the circus

Where you’ll find insights, tips, and industry best practices for fostering a vibrant culture of internal mobility.

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Stories from the circus

Who are we?

At Electric Circus, we don’t just build solutions; we design experiences. Think of us as your guide as you turn your organisation into a high-energy, talent-nurturing powerhouse.

Our mission? To breathe new life into the HR space and spark dynamic, user-centric experiences that your people actually want to engage with.

By combining strategic expertise, unrivalled creativity and flawless production skills, we are the ideal partner for HR teams looking to get more value than ever before from their onboarding efforts.

We understand the challenges you face in promoting internal mobility and employee growth are unique and complex. But rest assured, as your trusted guide, we’re here to help you turn these challenges into opportunities. Together, let’s create a stimulating, growth-oriented environment that not only retains talent but also propels your organisation forward.

So, are you ready to take the spotlight and lead your organisation towards a transformative internal mobility experience? We’re just a conversation away and couldn’t be more excited to work with you.