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Imagine a world where your workforce is more inspired and engaged than ever before, and it was you who was the main driver of change. 

A world where you’re known throughout your organisation as a creative problem solver who lifts others up, helps staff achieve their life goals and delivers important commercial results that have a direct impact on the company’s growth.

A world where you’re able to cut time and money spent administering expensive and ineffective jobs boards, but at the same time dramatically increase the quality of candidates you attract to the business. 

A world where your ideal candidates head directly to your website to search for vacancies because of the inspiring employer brand you’ve built.

That’s a world we’re shaping for our clients, which include some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Amazon, Tesco, Cygnet and DHL.

We work with HR professionals like you to create powerful, yet simple, digital solutions to complex recruitment challenges and take their candidate attraction efforts to the next level. 

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Our Candidate Attraction Solutions

Powerful Careers Sites

The average cost per hire in the UK is over £6,000 for a standard role and £18,000 for a highly skilled role, so even small changes to your digital presence that help lift your conversion rate can have a big impact. 

So, imagine you had a powerful and engaging careers website that attracted 20,000 users a week and upped your conversion rate even by just 0.5%. That means an extra 100 applications a week. And if you only hired one of those additional candidates each week, you’d save a whopping £312,000 a year on your attraction spend.

And did you know that applicants who apply directly from a company careers page or website are 3.5x more likely to be hired than those who apply via jobs boards?

All the data points to an engaging careers website driving a serious return on investment.

Careers websites give you a unique opportunity to:

  • Save time and money managing third-party recruitment agencies and jobs boards
  • Have complete control over your content, design and brand story
  • Add engaging interactive and multimedia features
  • Measure and analyse its performance accurately via Google Analytics, helping to reduce spend by more effectively tracking postings and applications
  • Demonstrate and grow your employer value proposition (EVP) and employer brand
  • Highlight key differentiators in your core values and company culture

And here are some examples of careers websites we’ve created for our clients…

Galliford try careers site that supports candidate attraction

Careers Sites

Galliford Try

Building on Galliford Try’s EVP and Employer Branding exercises, we designed a careers site that could tell their story. With Galliford Try HR teams describing a ‘people shortage’, our goal was to attract more, high quality, candidates to the company. With a flexible and customisable site, Galliford Try are now able to communicate with a ranging audience to help candidates engage with their brand. 

Careers Sites


PGL approached us because of our experience working with a big LMS and ATS system and their hope to integrate their job management system with a new careers-specific microsite. Their existing site was outdated, and they wanted to create a modern site that could appeal to a difficult-to-recruit audience. In this project, we created a cohesive user experience and supported PGL to develop an effective and impressive company brand. 


Cygnet careers site helping mobile candidate attrraction

Careers Sites

Cygnet Group

Our work with Cygnet has a specific focus to improve site layout that was causing a poor user experience and ultimately impacting conversion rates. The new ‘Apply’ site aimed to be inspirational and reflect Cygnet Group’s new employer brand. We organised the site structure to connect the user with life at the company, including displaying an interactive employee recognition system based on their Character’s of Care. Since the launch of their new website applications have increased by 135%. Not bad considering they get 500,000 visitors per year.

More Candidate Attraction Solutions

Support your candidate attraction strategy

Here’s how else we can generate more high quality candidates for your business…

Careers website SEO strategy

If you create an engaging careers website, let’s make sure your target candidates are actually able to find it when they’re actively searching for their next role.

Many companies believe ‘if you build it, they will come’, but they’re competing with potentially millions of similar web pages in the search engines. So how can we give our clients the best possible chance of driving high quality web traffic to their sites? 

Our experts will create a comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy that will drive high quality candidates to your website directly from search engines and generate a candidate attraction pipeline that you don’t need to pay to grow.

Find out more here

EVP & Employer Branding

But if you want to tie everything we’ve talked about together into a cohesive, overarching strategy that gets to the true roots of your attraction challenges, we recommend working on your EVP and employer branding. 

In today’s competitive talent landscape, having a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and employer brand is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. It’s the backbone of your organisation’s identity and reputation. But building a captivating EVP and employer brand that resonates with your target talent pool is a challenging task that requires deep insight, creativity, and strategic thinking.

That’s where we come in. We partner with HR teams to help develop a robust EVP and employer brand that reflects your culture, values, and unique selling points as an employer. We help you articulate the promise you make to your employees – clarifying what makes you stand out, why talent should join, and what they can expect from being part of your team.

With our support, you will not only attract the right talent but also retain and engage them more effectively.

How we create your EVP and Employer Brand

Popular places to start

A technical audit of your current experience

We’ll recommend how you can convert more prospective candidates through your website, taking into account user experience, SEO and competitor analysis.

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A technical audit of your current experience

A discovery session to understand your audience

We’ll help you identify your audiences, understand their priorities, map their journeys and design their experiences. We’ll then identify potential blockers, promoters and your most important stakeholders, and we’ll help you plan a strategy for engaging each one.

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A discovery session to understand your audience

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Where you’ll find insights, tips, and industry best practices for enhancing your candidate attraction strategy.

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Stories from the circus

Who are we?

We’ve sent sparks through the HR and recruitment space as a mission-driven digital design agency that helps HR professionals serve their workforce and demonstrate their commercial value to the board. 

One of the things our clients love most about working with us is that we truly understand their challenges, hopes and dreams. 

We understand many of you feel completely out of ideas, as if you’ve exhausted every single avenue of your recruitment efforts without getting anywhere. 

We know many of you feel quite simply overwhelmed by technological change and the huge breadth of choice you’re faced with in promoting your vacancies. 

We know you feel under pressure from directors, other parts of the HR function and managers to get every hire 100% right.

We know you get blamed for onboarding not going well, or hires not working out. 

And we understand that you’re desperate to get back to what you love: focusing on hiring the best people for your business and changing people’s lives. 

We combine this empathy with abundant creativity and a fresh perspective that completely transforms what our clients think is possible within the HR function. 

We aim to give them fresh inspiration, hope for the future and, often, pure relief that there is a new, exciting way of doing things that will drive the results they need.