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Make a great first impression

Are you an HR professional responsible for onboarding new hires? 

Do you want to set the stage for a transformative first impression, an engaging initiation, and an incredible journey for every new hire in your organisation?

Do you wish you could be the architect of an exhilarating onboarding experience that doesn’t just facilitate a new hire’s entry into the organisation, but primes them for long-term success?

Would you love to alleviate the common anxieties associated with starting a new role? And craft an environment where your new hires don’t merely survive their first few months, but thrive, becoming productive and loyal contributors to your organisation’s growth?

With clients including renowned global companies like Amazon, Tesco, and DHL, we partner with HR professionals like you to develop engaging, impactful, and effective digital onboarding solutions that accelerate a new hire’s journey to success in your organisation.

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Our Onboarding Solutions

Effective onboarding

Investing in onboarding has a very clear return on investment for the business. Did you know that 1 in 10 people have left a company because of a poor onboarding experience? And that 1 in 5 new hires resign within 45 days in the new job? 

On the flipside, when a company has a great onboarding experience, 69% of employees are likely to stay for at least 3 years, while productivity can be improved by more than 70%!

We offer a range of digital onboarding solutions, thoughtfully designed to make the onboarding process seamless, engaging and effective for your new hires. 


Bespoke digital onboarding systems

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all onboarding experiences. We specialise in creating tailored digital onboarding systems that resonate with your unique EVP and meet the specific needs of your new hires. These systems streamline the introduction of your organisation’s culture, roles, and expectations, facilitating a smooth and personalised entry for every new team member.

Tesco Training Dashboard

Training dashboard systems

Keep track of your new hires’ progress with our dynamic training dashboard systems. These platforms enable you to monitor the training completion status of your new employees, providing insights into their pace of learning and areas of strength. Not only does this offer a way to gauge new hire progress, but it also provides actionable data to improve and customise your training programmes.

See the one we built for Tesco

Galliford Try

Interactive PDFs

Add an extra layer of engagement to your onboarding process with our interactive PDFs and assets. These documents offer an immersive, dynamic introduction to your company’s values, policies, and culture, combining the richness of multimedia content with the simplicity of a document.

More Onboarding Solutions

Support your onboarding strategy

Here’s how else we can improve your employee engagement…


Insight and Analysis

We can also support you in diving deeper into your data to help you understand how users are interacting with your custom onboarding experiences.

This analysis can help you review your existing content and form a long-term strategy that will lead to significantly improved engagement.


EVP and Employer Branding

But if you want to tie everything we’ve talked about together into a cohesive, overarching strategy that gets to the true roots of your attraction-to-hire challenges, we recommend working on your EVP and employer branding.

In today’s landscape, having a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and employer brand is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. It’s the backbone of your organisation’s identity and reputation. But building a captivating EVP and employer brand that resonates with your employees is a challenging task that requires deep insight, creativity, and strategic thinking.

That’s where we come in. We partner with HR teams to help develop a robust EVP and employer brand that reflects your culture, values, and unique selling points as an employer. We help you articulate the promise you make to your employees – clarifying what makes you stand out, why talent should join, and what they can expect from being part of your team.

With our support, you will attract, retain and engage your people more effectively.

How we create your EVP and Employer Brand

Popular places to start

A technical audit of your current experience

We evaluate your existing onboarding process, analysing user experience, efficiency, and effectiveness to provide you with actionable takeaways.

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A technical audit of your current experience

A discovery session to understand your audience

We listen to you, then help you map out your new hire’s journey, understand their needs, and design a personalised onboarding experience for them.

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A discovery session to understand your audience

Stories from the circus

Get expert hints and tips for onboarding best practices.

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Stories from the circus

Who are we?


Step right up and welcome to Electric Circus, your guide in creating awe-inspiring spectacles that captivate every member of your workforce. 

Our mission? To spark a revolution in the HR landscape by replacing monotonous, outdated and ineffective onboarding methods with dynamic, immersive experiences that new hires genuinely want to partake in. Consider us the ringmasters of this extraordinary change, turning onboarding from a mundane necessity to an immersive journey.

And we can do this by combining strategic knowhow with creative brilliance and a true understanding of our clients and their challenges. We understand the pressure to not just welcome a new hire, but to captivate them from their very first interaction. The struggle to present a whirlwind of information in an engaging, memorable manner. And the balancing act of making onboarding efficient, while also being thorough and impactful. 

As your guide, we put you in the driver’s seat – because you are the star performer in this show. We’re here to provide you the tools, the insights, and the strategies. But ultimately, it’s your vision, your dedication, your understanding of your organisation that will lead this performance.

So, are you ready to step into the spotlight and lead your organisation towards a groundbreaking onboarding experience? Just drop us a message and let’s get started!