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Transform engagement with learning & development 


Grow your people with learning that excites

Imagine how it’d feel to create an environment where the perception of learning and development among employees has completely transformed from a box-ticking exercise to an exciting priority activity on their to-do lists.

Imagine an inbox full of praise and a heart full of pride following the launch of a new learning experience, reminding you why you started a career in L&D in the first place.

Imagine your reports and presentations to directors being filled with evidence of an improved return on investment for learning and development spend, better staff retention rates and a reduced costs for external recruitment. 

That’s what our digital learning experiences provide for our clients, many of whom work in some of the biggest companies on the planet, such as Amazon and Tesco. 

We create fully customised solutions – rooted in behavioural psychology – that make learning engaging for the user, change behaviour and keep employees coming back to learn more time after time. 

To chat to us about how we can help transform your organisation’s learning and development environment, get in touch and we’d be delighted to hear about your challenges and ambitions.


Our Learning Experience Solutions

Empower your people

Our specialist designers and developers are on a mission to create innovative L&D experiences that people truly want to use. And we know you’re on the same mission.

After all, a recent LinkedIn study found 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning. What’s more, a report by the Association for Talent Development found companies that offer comprehensive training programmes generate 218% more income per employee.

Here’s how we can help you achieve those sorts of results…

Bespoke learning systems

We can either create a brand new, customised learning solution that meets your people’s specific needs, or redesign your existing LMS to make it work harder for you than ever before. 

We’ll create simple yet powerful user journeys to make it as easy as possible for employees to find the content they need. 

We’ll also make your LMS as engaging as possible, injecting methods and ideas from the most engaging platforms on the web – think DuoLingo, Netflix and Yousician – to ensure the quality of content employees engage with doesn’t drop when they get to work.

And we’ll ensure a consistent approach across the entire learning experience, so all employees receive the same high-quality training regardless of their role or location.

For example, check out how we created a bespoke learning system that transformed the user experience for an International Law Firm. 

Custom search and filter within an existing LMS

Personalised welcome page and learning content for the user

Learning Materials

If a complete redesign of your LMS isn’t necessary or practical, we can take your learning materials to the next level in a number of ways. 

For instance, we can work with you and your teams to create bespoke SCORM that will ensure the learning content you have at your disposal integrates seamlessly with your LMS, saving you significant amounts of time and effort.

We did this for Amazon, transforming a PowerPoint training session into an interactive learning experience for new joiners.

Take a look at our Amazon SCORM onboarding project to find out more about how we might be able to support you:

SCORM learning created for Amazon’s onboarding

Gamification of training to increase engagement

Interactive Tools

Our team have helped many HR teams create one-off tools, from PDFs, videos and animations to interactive learning experiences, to engage their staff and win hearts and minds. 

For example, we created a unique interactive learning experience for Tesco to bring frontline employees and corporate goals together, helping colleagues learn how food waste contributes to climate change, and how they can reduce food waste in stores to help achieve Tesco’s sustainability targets. 

See more about the Tesco Zero Waste – Hearts and Minds project… 

Interactive game for testing the user’s understanding

Video and animation features used across learning

More Learning Experiences Solutions

Support your L&D strategy

Here’s how else we can improve your employee engagement… 


Insight and Analysis

We can also support you in diving deeper into your data to help you understand how users are interacting with your learning platforms and custom experiences. 

This analysis can help you review your existing content and form a long-term strategy that will lead to significantly improved engagement. 


EVP and Employer Branding

But if you want to tie everything we’ve talked about together into a cohesive, overarching strategy that gets to the true roots of your learning and development challenges, we recommend working on your EVP and employer branding.

In today’s landscape, having a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and employer brand is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. It’s the backbone of your organisation’s identity and reputation. But building a captivating EVP and employer brand that resonates with your employees is a challenging task that requires deep insight, creativity, and strategic thinking.

That’s where we come in. We partner with HR teams to help develop a robust EVP and employer brand that reflects your culture, values, and unique selling points as an employer. We help you articulate the promise you make to your employees – clarifying what makes you stand out, why talent should join, and what they can expect from being part of your team.

With our support, you will retain and engage your people more effectively.

How we create your EVP and Employer Brand

Popular places to start

A technical audit of your current experience

We’ll assess your existing L&D environment to identify improvements that can be made to create a more robust and engaging journey for users 

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A technical audit of your current experience

A discovery session to understand your audience

We’ll listen to your challenges and needs, before helping you to create a strategy that engages all your stakeholders, map their journeys and design their experiences.

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A discovery session to understand your audience

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Stories from the circus

Who are we?

Electric Circus is a mission-driven digital design agency that believes in sparking joy in HR teams and the workforces they’re responsible for. 

We think the HR department is, on the whole, hugely undervalued, and that it actually holds the key to some of the most creative, innovative and profitable projects you can find throughout a business. 

And we’re as frustrated as you are about the discrepancy between the huge numbers of employees who say they want to learn and those who actually engage in non-mandatory training.

But we know HR professionals need support to open their bosses and employees’ minds to a new world of possibility. Which is where we come in. 

Our team of specialist designers act as a guide for HR experts who want to take their years of knowledge and experience and combine it with the most engaging digital platforms available. 

So you can show your organisation how learning can be exciting, fun and addictive.

The end result of working together? HR teams that deliver the commercial results their directors want, that inspire their workforce to continuously learn and that feel fresh excitement about coming to work every day.