Terms and Conditions

1. Browser Support


  • The product will be designed to work on the latest Windows and Macintosh desktop operating systems, at a minimum supporting the latest default installations of the following web browsers: Edge (Windows only), Internet Explorer 11 (Windows only), Mozilla Firefox (Macintosh and Windows), Safari (Macintosh only), Chrome (Macintosh and Windows), and any future versions of these browsers released during the site development provided always that the engines for rendering HTML and CSS and for implementing Javascript remain the same.


  • The product will be compatible with a range of the latest smartphones and tablet devices, specifically devices running the latest versions of Apple iOS and Android operating systems, using the default supplied browsers for these devices.


  • Electric Circus will develop the site to be compatible with the above specifications at the point of launch and will test across a range of current devices to ensure that the end user’s experience will be appropriate to the capabilities of the browsers and devices. We won’t test on customised versions of any browser (which for clarity includes browsers into which a user may have installed extensions), or in older browsers or operating systems. Any changes required due to requirements for the site to work with customised versions of current browsers; legacy browsers or legacy operating systems will require a separate specification and may be subject to additional charges.





2. Change Requests


  • Throughout the project unforeseen changes may be required to the original scope of work detailed in this document. These may occur due to changing requirements, unexpected delays, lack of available resources of either team, or unforeseen issues, all of which can alter the scope costs and timings. If changes are required the client should issue a written change request to Electric Circus via the change request form which will be shared by your project manager, who will then assess the implications of the change and provide a timing plan and budget estimate where applicable.





3. Escalation Process


  • We hope that our team and process have performed and exceeded your expectations, but in the rare case where this is not the case we have an escalation process to enable you to flag your concerns and dissatisfaction so that we can hopefully alleviate your frustrations and make improvements to avoid this happening again. 


  • Please voice any concerns you have to your account manager, they are here to serve and should be able to help you out. If your account manager isn’t responding, or addressing your concerns, then you can reach out to any of the Directors. Their contact information is provided below and they will deal with your complaint as a matter of urgency.

Christopher Lea ([email protected])
Kit Hargreaves ([email protected])
Ben Gross ([email protected])





4. Project Completion


  • Each phase of the project is clearly laid out in your project plan, at the end of each phase your project manager will arrange a meeting to run through the completed work, ensure you are satisfied with the work and ask for sign-off before we move onto the next phase. 


  • Once all phases have been completed your project manager will again organise a final sign-off meeting. Once sign-off has been received this will complete the project, where retainer contracts come into force this meeting will also outline the ways of working going forward and provide an opportunity to detail the work for the coming months.





5. Cancellations


  • Should the client wish to cancel a project after work has commenced, Electric Circus Digital Ltd will retain any down payment. Depending on the amount of work done, the client will also be required to pay a kill fee, to cover work done on the project so far. This kill fee will be based on the percentage of the project completed.





6. Payment and Costs


  • At the commencement of a project, Electric Circus Ltd requires an initial payment of up to 50% of the project cost before work can commence. The client will be invoiced for the remaining balance on completion of the project. 


  • Standard payment terms are a maximum of 30 calendar days





7. Ongoing Maintenance & Site Support Costs


  • The outlined project costs are for initial production works only. Any ongoing maintenance requirements (including hosting management) will be subject to a separate service level agreement, to be agreed between the parties where required.





8. Liability and Limitations


  • Electric Circus Digital Ltd will do its best to ensure facts and statements in all work it produces does not infringe upon any copyright or other right of a third party. However, Electric Circus Digital Ltd can’t be liable to the client, or any third party, for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, complaints, claims, litigation or other incidental, consequential or special damages which arise regarding any project or assignment. Consultancy is provided in good faith, but Electric Circus Digital Ltd cannot accept liability of any kind for actions that clients take, or refrain from taking, as a result of advice from Electric Circus Digital Ltd. 


  • If any provision of these terms of business shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason, that provision shall be deemed severable from the terms of business and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. The clients cannot transfer their contract with Electric Circus Digital Ltd to anyone else without permission from Electric Circus Digital Ltd.