Internal Mobility

Is your internal careers platform a country lane or a motorway?

Navigating the world of internal careers is much like driving on a road. But what kind of road are you offering your employees?

Country Lanes:

Winding, unpredictable, and often a slow journey. They’re scenic, sure, but they lack clear signage, are poorly illuminated, and can be frustratingly indirect. If your internal careers portal feels like this, it’s a bumpy ride for your employees. They’re left guessing, taking wrong turns, and often, they just give up, seeking clearer paths elsewhere.


Fast, direct, and efficient. They’re well-lit, with clear signs pointing the way. There’s a lane for everyone, whether they’re just starting out or speeding towards senior roles. A careers portal that mirrors a motorway is a game-changer. It offers clarity, direction, and speed. Employees know where they’re headed, and they get there faster.

So, ask yourself: Are your employees stuck on a country lane, or are they zooming ahead on a motorway?

Transitioning from lane to motorway isn’t an overnight job. It starts with recognising the need for change. Audit your current platform. Listen to the feedback. Invest in user experience. And remember, the best roads are built with the drivers in mind.

Your employees are on a journey. It’s up to you whether that journey is filled with missed turns and dead ends or clear signs and open roads. Make the switch. Build motorways, not country lanes. Your team’s success depends on it. ⚡️ 🎪

Written by Ben Gross