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Our Process

There’s a reason programmes like How It’s Made and Inside the Factory make such compulsive viewing. You could be peering around the curtain of a West End theatre production or walking the job of a traffic cop, people are genuinely intrigued about what goes on behind the scenes.

When working in a creative or digital agency is all you’ve known, it’s easy to forget that some people still see our profession as some sort of enigma. A blend of people and skills that are so far removed from their own. And whilst we like the air of mystery, we’re also happy to share our secrets.

Whether we’re building a bespoke digital training system or designing an employee engagement campaign, our tried and tested project process is one the ways we ensure all our clients get the best results. It’s also an important element in the experience of working with us.  That goes for our clients, our colleagues and our partners.

How does it work?


Here the aim is to find out who your audience is, what they think and what they want. We get into their frame of mind. Uncover what they will expect (and what they won’t) and what they need to be able to do. We also find out who you are and what you’re up against.


This is the playground stage. We map the solution, the user journey and how the features and functionality will work. We’ll create high-fidelity wireframes and map out the content of the pages or communications ready for design. It’s a chance to check our thinking and test design concepts.


We use our research to tailor designs to your audience. We might be using striking visuals to make your brand stand out or paring back design to let your words do the talking. Either way, this stage is all about bringing the solution to life, with accessibility guaranteed.


Designs are taken and turned into code, animations and interactions that work seamlessly on all devices and browsers. And if print’s on the menu, we’ll make sure that artwork and print processes are followed to the letter. Our Quality Assurance is a mark of our success.


We don’t stop after delivery. We use tools and technology to review your users’ journeys. We find any blockers or challenges and then we set about solving them. Evolving solutions is just as important as developing them so they continue to work with changing business needs and user behaviour.

Creating experiences that connect

At Electric Circus we’re an experience-led team. We understand the challenges of recruiting, retaining and developing talent. Our expertise blends creativity, digital solutions and communications strategy to create experiences that engage and connect with your employees through every phase of the talent lifecycle.

Whether you’ve read something intriguing about what we’ve done for other companies, or you’ve got a challenge that you can’t get your head around. Or even if you just want to know where we got our name.

We’re always happy to chat.  Get in touch below.

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