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The secret to providing a great project experience


The project promise.


Creating experiences are at the heart of what we do, so how do we ensure your client experience is also up to scratch? The EC project managers share their promise that gives clients peace of mind that they’re in good hands.


Experience is everything when it comes to customer service. Getting it wrong is costly and can drive your clients away. According to a PwC report, 32% of all customers say they’ll stop working with a company or brand after just one bad experience (Source: PwC Future of Customer Experience Survey 2017/18). So, how can you avoid this fate and instead facilitate a rewarding project experience for all involved?


A project promise communicates with clients what they can expect from us and how we’ll work together. Laying this out at the beginning of your project sets you up for success – at Electric Circus, this means providing both a great service and a great solution. 


Get the fundamentals right.


All good relationships need to have communication, trust and understanding. Our 5-point promise provides clients with the assurance that they can believe in their project team to guide the process. Keeping a check on the fundamentals of client service guarantees that clients have a positive and consistent experience working with you. 



Our project promise has been curated and is led by EC’s project managers. From the project outset, we promise to:

Value clarity.

Our process is at the core of what we do and we’ll make sure you understand how we’ll work together. We’ll take you through the five stages of our process: discovery, prototype, design, production & Insight. The project timeline will highlight your responsibilities and dependencies so you can plan your time in advance and keep the project running on track.

Keep you in the loop.

Regular meetings and weekly updates ensure that you always know the status of your project. You’ll be involved from start to finish so you can have your say during every phase and we can avoid big reveals. Ahead of all our meetings, we’ll share an agenda so you know exactly what to expect on the call, and we’ll follow up with a summary so you can revisit at a later date.

Bring a lot to the table. 

Your goals are our goals and we’ll use all of our experience to help you achieve them. Every project starts with a deep dive discovery session including the whole team, which gives us all a clear understanding of you and your organisation, your users, and your mission. We then carry this through into further research, as we analyse your market sector and competitors. As the project develops we will always be thinking of new ways we can add value, whether that’s for the launch or for future releases. When we capture your goals in the discovery phase, we work with you to craft KPIs that can be used to measure success as we monitor and report on them after the launch.

Never leave you hanging. 

Communication is key to a successful project and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. You won’t be sitting waiting for responses to emails, and we’re always happy to come and see you or jump on a call to chat face to face.

Enjoy what we do. 

Facilitating a positive project experience for everyone helps deliver the best results. We pride ourselves on our customer service, from both a professional and personable point of view. We’re a friendly bunch who are genuinely passionate about our work, and we want to help create great experiences for you and your users.

The results

Clients rated their project experience 10/10
Clients rated their involvement in projects

Creating experiences that connect

At Electric Circus we’re an experience-led team. We understand the challenges of recruiting, retaining and developing talent. Our expertise blends creativity, digital solutions and communications strategy to create experiences that engage and connect with your employees through every phase of the talent lifecycle.

Whether you’ve read something intriguing about what we’ve done for other companies, or you’ve got a challenge that you can’t get your head around. Or even if you just want to know where we got our name.

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Written by Phoebe Haggart