Internal Mobility

Unleashing the power of storytelling in recruitment

Are you ready to transform how you attract top talent? 

It’s time to harness the compelling power of storytelling – a skill that’s not just for authors and movie directors, but a crucial tool for HR professionals and recruiters.


Why storytelling?

Read the following two statements: 

Statement A:

“We are a company with a 20-year history, offering competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package. We value teamwork and are looking for skilled professionals to join our team.”

Statement B:

“Twenty years ago, two friends, Alex and Jamie, faced a challenge that many said was insurmountable. 

Working in a cramped garage, they were driven by a singular problem: the inefficiencies in the supply chain industry were causing businesses to lose both time and money. 

With a shared vision and relentless determination, they founded ‘NexaChain’. From those humble beginnings, NexaChain grew, innovating solutions that transformed the industry. 

Today, we stand as a testament to their vision, passion, and resilience. But our story isn’t just about our past; it’s about our future. 

As we continue to push boundaries, we’re on the lookout for the brightest minds, the skilled professionals who are as passionate about solving problems as Alex and Jamie were all those years ago. 

We’re not just offering a position; we’re offering a chance to be part of a legacy, to write the next chapter in the NexaChain story.”

Which one is more compelling? 

If these were the introductions to two competing job adverts, which one would inspire you to take action and apply? 

I bet I know which one you chose. 

You see, humans are naturally drawn to stories. 

We spend a huge amount of time consuming stories on the internet, on TV, in films and in books. 

They’re the most effective way of getting people to pay attention.

And we see ourselves as protagonists navigating our own life story.


The secret ingredient

Storytelling is the secret ingredient that can make your company stand out to potential candidates. 

It’s not just about listing job requirements, it’s about weaving a narrative that resonates with the aspirations and emotions of your ideal candidates. 

It’s about making them see a future with your company, a role where they are not just employees but key characters in your company’s story.


But how?

In our free guide, “The Marketing Playbook for Candidate Attraction & Recruitment,” we dive deep into how HR teams can think more like marketers and master storytelling in order to achieve exceptional results. 

We explore practical tips on how to transform your recruitment communications from mundane to mesmerising.


Ready for the full story?

This is just a teaser of what storytelling – a core marketing skill – can do for your recruitment strategy. 

The full playbook contains 4 more skills and marketing principles that are hugely valuable to HR professionals like you in order to achieve better results in your recruitment process. 

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Written by Ben Gross