Learning Experiences

Create personal learning experiences with purpose

We develop creative, personalised learning experiences to excite, engage and retain your employees. Customised to your specific needs, we develop digital solutions to help you make learning an integral part of your employee experience.

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Inspiring Development

Every employee has their own motivations when they come to work. When it comes to learning, some are motivated by progression, some by performance, and others aren’t motivated at all. By giving people a reason to learn, and making learning content relevant, accessible and entertaining, you can change the futures of your employees and your business.

We develop bespoke solutions using your learning platform to help you...

Curate and better organise your learning
Make content easy to find and discover
Bring your learning to life and make it enjoyable
Create learning pathways
Encourage regular learning
Have more control over your learning content
Give employees a seamless and consistent brand experience

Custom Landing Pages

Imagine an experience where each employee sees relevant and personalised content when they sign into their learning portal.  We can create custom pages for any employee groups, whether that’s job families, departments or countries, and serve them the content you want them to see.  It means you can direct them to relevant learning and use different language or messaging if needed. They can also be translated and served in the language each employee would prefer.

Custom Components

We’ve developed our own bespoke components, not available in the standard Cornerstone suite of widgets. With a wide variety of flexible options, the components help you suggest relevant learning based on employees past learning or career aspirations. They allow you to curate your learning content into themes and showcase learning pathways.  They also can be used to redesign your user experience by making navigating your LMS more visual and intuitive.

Creative Design & Branding

A seamless brand experience is essential to keep your employees from being distracted by clunky transitions between your systems. Incorporating messages to reinforce a learning culture is also important to keep them engaged. We have transformed our clients’ Cornerstone user interfaces through creative design, specifically tailored for learning experiences. We’ve also created learning identities where clients’ don’t have an employer brand or anything more than a logo and colour palette to work with.

UI Design & Navigation

We all want an easy life, so when your employees are often busy and having to find time to fit in learning time, making their experience as easy as possible will be well received. Our UI designers are experts at making your learning interfaces easy to use, visual and intuitive.  Your brief and objectives will be the basis for their initial designs, and the team will work with you to understand what needs to stand out and what needs to be a prioritised.

Custom CMS

When we talk about personalising learning systems, we’re also referring to how we make it easy for L&D teams too. We’re here to help you take control of your learning content. We’ll start by building your navigation framework, custom page templates, custom components and any keyword tagging functionality.  Then we can give you access to a custom CMS.  It gives you the freedom to manage your own content, add pages, groups, new components, and the total flexibility to develop your LMS as you grow as a business.

We've helped clients to reengage learners with their LMS

Personalised Learning

Creating tailored learning platforms within an existing LMS

From a cluttered repository of learning content to a streamlined learning resource, we created a bespoke CMS to organise and create personalised learning experiences. DHL employees can now follow defined learning programmes and recommendations on other learning based on their interests.

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Creating tailored learning platforms within an existing LMS

Learning Identity

Improving engagement with content through a new learning identity

Utilising the current learning platform we developed new customisable page components, personalised learning recommendations and an onboarding experience for first time users. A totally new learning experience all wrapped up in a new brand for Nomad Foods – The Learning POD.

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Improving engagement with content through a new learning identity

LMS Redesign

A transformational scene change for learning

This was a complete overhaul for the six-theatre group, focused on improving usability and employee engagement with core content.  A custom welcome page acts as the gateway to learning, hr and performance areas. Design elements highlight quick links to frequently used functions and company values feature as subtle reminders.

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A transformational scene change for learning

Engaging Learning

An interactive learning microsite for encouraging technology-based learning

We redesigned the learning experience for Clifford Chance to help their busy employees more easily find and complete technology learning content.  Creating an engaging sequence of content pages forming a microsite embedded into their LMS presents content to users that is relatable, relevant and accessible on demand. 

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An interactive learning microsite for encouraging technology-based learning

I had the privilege to partner with EC to design, develop and deliver some real game changing approaches to learning. The world of L&D has changed but with the support of EC we have been able to provide innovation and foresight into the future of people and talent.
We partnered with Electric Circus for their innovative approach to designing training.  The success of our ongoing partnership is built on the relationships we built with the team and a common desire to deliver high quality, innovative training that really resonates with our colleagues.