Nomad Foods

A tasty learning identity and a nice space to enjoy it

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Improving engagement with learning through a new identity and user experiences

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Nomad Foods is a global frozen food company with a portfolio of brands, some of which pioneered the frozen food category we have today. As with many parent companies, investing in developing their company brand story is often overlooked, choosing to focus on building their consumer-facing brands to grow their market share.


Our work with the Nomad L&D team was focused on improving the learning experience of employees, improving engagement with learning content, and increasing completion and return rates, across both the corporate and manufacturing audiences.


  • Created a new learning brand for Nomad Foods to create a relatable, relevant, and recognisable learning experience for both Corporate and Industrial employees.
  • Gave Nomad Foods a greater level of control over their LMS platform through a custom content management system (CMS).
  • Designed and built a series of components which can be used to configure and populate an unrestricted number custom pages using the CMS, including separate landing pages for Corporate and Industrial.

Creating a learning brand

To create the excitement and interest we needed for learning, we designed and developed a learning brand to apply across all touch points of learning at Nomad Foods.  We created a new Nomad Foods L&D logo and a distinct visual style and tone of voice to tie all aspects of learning together. Our first roll-out of the new brand was to redesign their LMS platform.

Reimagining the learning experience

Through our discovery we identified two audience groups and their different needs and attitudes to learning. To speak to both, we created different routes for corporate and industrial employees, using relevant language, imagery and content for each learner group. This personalisation for these groups allowed us to connect with them more effectively and address their priorities and drivers for learning in better ways.

Complete content control

When the future of work means teams will need more agility in how they operate, giving clients greater control over their learning platforms is where we’re focused. We built a custom content management system to give Nomad Foods the means to create and populate new custom pages using a library of custom designed components. This functionality puts control firmly in the hands of the learning team, giving them the flexibility to create and update pages as and when needed.

Personalisation & prioritisation

Making learning personal is one of the drivers for improved employee engagement with learning and to encourage return visits.  We added a unique custom keyword tagging tool to help the team curate learning content and serve to users via specific pages and sections.  This tool also helps them push priority learning topics to employees – hugely important when they need to improve completion rates  or need to up-skill quickly in certain skills.

Onboarding & support

Making sure people feel supported was important to us, so we built a help feature which appears on each login. It’s a useful onboarding feature for first-time users, but it also gives returning users tips so they can get to grips with the platform and find the learning content they need.