How we help HR teams

Create and communicate your story to employees


EVP & Employer Branding

Exceed your employees’ expectations

In today’s competitive talent landscape, having a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and employer brand is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. It’s the backbone of your organisation’s identity and reputation. 

And nowadays employees expect far more from their employers than ever before, making it even more important.

But building a captivating EVP and employer brand that resonates with your target talent pool is a challenging task that requires deep insight, creativity, and strategic thinking.

That’s because it’s the top-level framework to which everything else – from recruitment advertising to your internal mobility systems – must connect. 

Not only that, but it’s extremely difficult to marry up your external brand and communications with how you engage with your existing staff. 

That’s where we come in. We partner with HR teams to help develop a robust EVP and employer brand that reflects your culture, values, and unique selling points as an employer. We help you articulate the promise you make to your employees – clarifying what makes you stand out, why talent should join, and what they can expect from being part of your team.

We explore changing user behaviour by finding creative and technological solutions to tell your story – and an effective EVP is at the very heart of this. 

With our support, you will not only attract the right talent but also retain and engage them more effectively. 



The value of an
employee-focussed brand


Choose the right hires

A strong people brand and recruitment communications strategy is one of the best ways to bring prospective candidates through your door who are in-tune with your company values and motivated by your employer offer.

Retain your talent

Your workforce choose to stay 

Your people brand ties your communications together, guiding how you talk with internal and external colleagues. It doesn’t just help attract candidates, your EVP gives existing employees subtle reminders about why they joined, why they work here, and why they should stay.

Engage your Workforce

See motivated, productive employees who advocate for your company

When employees are connected with your mission, through a strong employer brand, their work is given a greater purpose and they’re more invested in the wider company’s success. Syncing up the brand’s and your employees’ goals encourages them to work-hard and be advocates for the company.

The impact

An effective EVP & employer brand strategy can enable you to create campaigns that cut through, making a genuine connection with your target audience. Check out the results fromworking with Cygnet Group to create compelling content.

Increase in social media post comments
Increase in social media engagement
Decrease in agency spend
Increase in time spent on the platform

EVP Research Phase

Creating your employer value proposition

Your EVP should outline the promise that you, as an employer, makes to their employees in return for their hard work and commitment to the company. Simply put, this means, ‘what’s in it for you, as an employee, by working here’? 

We work with you to create a compelling EVP which makes employees excited to work with your company. Speaking directly with your users, hear from your teams to identify their wants and needs in a workplace. After all, in an increasingly candidate-centric job market, we appreciate the need to listen to and understand what is expected from employers. To do this, and create an story that resonates with your employees, our EVP research packages includes:

  • A discovery phase to understand your perspectives, as HR professionals, to understand your goals for the project and hear your position on the current offering’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Desk research with any relevant content – this might include recent employee engagement surveys or exploring how the company presents itself on social media. 
  • Speaking directly to your employees using a range of tactics from focus groups to quick-fire questions WhatsApp. We’re experienced in communicating with your teams and have a toolkit to find out anything that will support the EVP curation process. 
  • An analysis of all research leading to the production of a practical brand model that tells your story and defines your EVP. We structure this in such a way that you can understand the key themes, messages, and narratives and how these connect. 

Park air

Developing a people brand for future business growth

We helped Park Air uncover and distil what their employees value about working for the organisation. Creating an employee value proposition was not just intended to help with candidate attraction and recruitment – we developed a people brand model to underpin employee communications across the business, supporting retention and future growth.

We wanted Electric Circus to give us a critical 3rd party perspective. They facilitated groups of our employees, took their views, analysed the information and presented back themes we could use in our EVP. They were able to engage with our workforce which has helped them to feel like they own the messaging.
Stephanie Skelton
Human Resources Manager, Park Air
Since the project, we have been living with the framework and road-testing it. The two biggest uses are that it has helped us sell our proposition to external candidates in a consistent and concise way as well as embedding cultural themes into Park Air. Our recruitment and retention has improved since the piece was created.
Stephanie Skelton
Human Resources Manager, Park Air

Employer Brand

Telling your story

Once we’ve outlined your EVP, the next phase brings your employer brand to life, presenting your message to the audience. The foundation to creating brilliant, engaging creative is a combined understanding of the audience’s needs and the company’s strategic aims. Bringing these together, we deliver your employer brand DNA as a toolkit that can guide future communications and creative executions.

Nomad Foods

A learning identity to sink your teeth into

Utilising their current learning platform we developed a totally new learning experience all wrapped up in a new brand for Nomad Foods Learning. Our aim was to create a bespoke identity that all employees across industrial and corporate sub-brands could connect to. The personalised approach us to create a brand that could effectively resonate with users and encourage learning.

View the case study
We have had some wonderful feedback and it has been great given that we [previously] had problems with the brand. 
Lisa Fox
Group L&D Manager, Nomad Foods

User Behaviour Analysis

Drive positive behaviour change and engage your teams

At the heart of what HR teams do, is creating an environment where employees can feel supported and empowered to develop in their roles. When you invest sometimes scarce time and budgets into finding useful systems for your users, be that your LMS or an employee social media app, it’s disheartening when engagement isn’t as you’d hoped. 

That’s where we come in; through our experience creating technical solutions, we’ve gained an understanding for how ongoing engagement can be encouraged. Following our user behaviour analysis process, we provide you with a strategy to drive positive behaviour change and tactics to make incremental improvements to your systems. 

We run interactive user research sessions, in-person or online, to reach the root cause of what’s holding them back from using your platforms. A limitation we often see with ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions is that they’re not specifically designed with your users in mind. Our process gives you a strategy to remedy this mismatch. Offering a fresh perspective, we aim to cut through your engagement challenges and motivate active use of your chosen technologies.


Taking a detailed look behind the scenes

ODEON were experiencing engagement challenges on their internal communication platform, Workplace. Whilst a place for colleagues to share their experiences and with the potential to be a valuable tool, there wasn’t widespread active usage amongst colleagues. We created a strategy, defining the vision for Workplace to become a hub that was both useful and valuable to employees, and made practical recommendations for improving engagement. 

The Electric Circus team brought energy, expertise, and new thinking to our challenge to re-engage our colleagues with our internal social media platform, Workplace.  Their fresh, creative view was just what we needed, and it helped us to reflect on what we already knew and where the gaps were.
Midge McCall
Group Head of Engagement & Communications, ODEON

Our Framework

Our approach to user behaviour analysis

Our tried and tested approach means that we can understand your audience and bring this together in a simple model, identifying the purpose, goal, and outcome for user behaviour on your systems. 

Our Process

How we bring your experience to life

Your employee’s experience matters at each stage of their employment with you. We understand that it’s all connected, which is why identifying your employer brand DNA to tie everything together is so important.