Our Purpose


A little about what we’re trying to do.

Well, we work with inspiring HR experts in ambitious organisations like Tesco, DHL and the NHS, whose mission is to attract, engage and grow amazing people. We help by understanding your strategic needs and getting to grips with your challenges – then solving them with brilliant creativity and digital prowess. And we demonstrate our success with measurable insights.

The digital experiences we create connect you with your audience and make people want to join you. They also support your people with world-class systems that help empower them to develop their skills and careers.

A recent example of this all coming together was a 20-minute interactive learning experience for Tesco, to help them on their mission to achieve zero food waste. Follow the link below to view.

Tesco Zero Waste

Creating experiences that connect

At Electric Circus we’re an experience-led team. We understand the challenges of recruiting, retaining and developing talent. Our expertise blends creativity, digital solutions and communications strategy to create experiences that engage and connect with your employees through every phase of the talent lifecycle.

Whether you’ve read something intriguing about what we’ve done for other companies, or you’ve got a challenge that you can’t get your head around. Or even if you just want to know where we got our name.

We’re always happy to chat.  Get in touch below.

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