How we created a learning experience that helped 200,000 people feel passionate about reducing food waste


Food waste is a global problem, statistics show that the UK throws away 4.5 million tonnes of food wastage every year – equal to 2,000 Blackpool Towers! Although the impact of food waste is huge, public awareness is relatively low. This is until Tesco made it their mission to achieve zero food waste.


The challenge was to break a huge issue down into an experience that would:


– Explain the environmental consequences and inspire people to get involved.
Provide the tools and information for action.
Gamified learning 
Make it digital and easy to use
​​​​​​​Help Tesco on their epic journey to Zero Food Waste


The final product was a 20-minute learning experience that involved an interactive game, videos, games, and a company-wide leaderboard. The following snippets explain a bit more detail around each section.

Providing Information


We created a range of videos, interviews and animations to make the information about food waste really easy to digest.

We use the interviews to frame how people in their specific roles are taking on the challenge of food waste.

Videos showcase how stores are running the latest methods.
Animations explain cutting edge concepts like anaerobic digestion.

Gamified Learning


This is what makes this training unique and is the star of the piece. After each section, we created a quiz-style game. This makes the training fun (stats show this helps learning) The game is a take on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ with the concept of being a zeroaire The gameplay has features such as a timer, ask the audience, multiple-choice and phone a friend. This adds pressure, which makes the experience memorable

To boost engagement, we gamified the experience, creating a leaderboard for each store. so the learning has a competitive edge and becomes a talking point.

Make it digital


The experience is digital-first. The story progresses seamlessly through the slides, providing an end to end experience, which means everyone in Tesco can complete it in a time that suits the organisation.

In Partnership with QA


This experience was built in partnership with QA. QA are specialists in technology – who provide a comprehensive suite of talent and training services to help individuals and companies be winners in the digital revolution.


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