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Creating simplified & personalised learning pathways for DHL

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DHL had a comprehensive digital learning platform for 30,000 employees. However certain groups of colleagues found it difficult to find relevant training.  Where this content couldn’t be found, the required training wasn’t being completed, leading to frustrations on the colleagues’ part as well as for managers and L&D teams.


After mapping out the organisational structure and prototyping user flows, we established clear learning pathways for specific roles across their organisation.  After we had reviewed the current system, we were able to design a much simpler experience, developing a bespoke tagging system using a series of keywords to personalise content based on user information.


The end result was an intuitive learning system that served up personalised learning pathways based on each user’s profile.  Not only was this a better experience for the colleague, it enabled the company and individual employees to track their learning progress, in real time. DHL has seen a huge increase in engagement, and now has complete control over the learning content which ensures a future proofed approach to training their workforce online.

Project goals

  • Structured learning pathways
  • Simply organised content
  • Easy to navigate and discover learning
  • A level of categorisation their existing LMS didn’t offer

Harnessing existing technology

All of DHL’s learning material was already loaded into and accessed via their learning management system, but it was difficult to find content and employees had to search for the learning they wanted to do, which meant they needed to know what they were looking for.

We needed to explore how we could curate and catalogue the material to direct people to relevant learning paths based on their role, interests and ambitions.

This was the first time this had been attempted, taking functionality already present in the software but used for another purpose. We took an existing search function and adapted it to our advantage, turning the technology of their existing LMS into a powerful learning experience tool.