This moment matters


Creating coherent EVP & brand to inspire the whole of the Active Care Group

Employee Experience


Active Care Group experienced rapid growth by acquiring different care brands. While its mission to “provide the best care to the most vulnerable people in our society” was on track, the new businesses were a bit mismatched. The challenge was connecting everyone to this shared purpose. The goal for the employee value proposition and brand was to understand how employees truly felt, then create an inspiring, authentic visual identity to attract and engage talent using a clear, coherent visual strategy


Our in-depth EVP research uncovered the workforce’s personality. What motivates them and what doesn’t. We always admire care providers for their empathy and skill in difficult roles. A key insight emerged – they “cherish each other.” So our creative campaign built on that with the theme “Moments that Matter.” The heart of their statement was “In ACG, the moments that matter, make us. Moments are real, they engage us, connect us, support us, uplift us and sometimes challenge us.”


The results were striking. Illustrated scenes depict meaningful moments, from passing out (When a service user leaves) ceremonies to friendly chats over a cuppa. Real yet kind photography reinforced the style. Playful handwritten fonts hinted at the personal nature of the work. Throughout we integrated micro-moments to reinforce the ‘moments’ message. This enabled ACG to tell their story in a clear, coherent, empathetic and fun way that stands out from competitors.


Once we’d gone through the in person research we found that ‘cherishing’ every moment was one of the main messages that resonated with the team. The concept moments that matter allowed the ACG to ask all their people what mattered to them and start celebrating. We sketched out hundreds of ideas to get a feel for how we could bring this to life.


Illustrating the moments

With the concept in place we set about crafting a unique, but heartfelt illustration style. The aim was to showcase the key moments and support the concept.



At ACG, the moments that matter, make them. Moments are real, they engage, they connect, they support, they uplift and sometimes they challenge.

For us, they’re always unique. Cherishing these unique moments makes us who we are. By centring our value proposition on the daily interactions that make our people shine, we bring to life the EVP – The micro-moments are an extension of that and can be used across a range of media to support the brand story.

Brand applications

Cherish every sip

Take notes, make moments

Fulfilling careers where we all reap the rewards

The right moment for a tea break?