LW Theatres

A transformational scene change for learning

Digital Transformation
Learning & Development

Redevelopment of the theatre group’s learning platform

UX Design Cornerstone


When LW Theatres came to us, they were struggling with low engagement with their LMS and had significant usability issues. A tale of two halves, employees were finding it hard to find the content they were looking for and the theatre group had little engagement with the content they wanted people to see.


We worked with LW Theatres to understand what was most important to them and to identify their priority content. Keeping within their existing LMS, we completely overhauled their learning platform, focusing on improving usability and creating a seamless brand experience.


The redevelopment of the theatre group’s learning platform has meant employees now have a totally different experience when they login.  Consistent branding, values-led messaging, custom welcome pages and intuitive navigation, all combine to increase usability and colleague engagement.

Research and UX

Our discovery phase involved assessing their current employee experience and scoping what they wanted from a new experience.  It was clear they needed a much better way of helping employees navigate the content, as well as finding ways to guide towards specific content when appropriate. Being a six-theatre group, personalisation was also important to give individual theatres a sense of identity.

Setting the stage

We focused on redesigning the end-to-end employee experience, improving usability and employee engagement with core content.  We built custom welcome pages for each theatre and incorporated new HR sections, which was another important factor in this project.

A custom welcome page acts as the gateway to learning, HR and performance areas. Design elements highlight quick links to frequently used functions and company values feature as subtle reminders.

Custom Design

A seamless experience is so important for your employees as they transition between digital interfaces, so your brand should be consistent throughout all touch points. We redesigned every area of the learning platform including homepage, learning content pages and individual theatre landing pages.

Easy Navigation

A custom welcome page acts as the gateway to learning, hr and performance areas. Design elements now highlight quick links to frequently used functions. We also created a new HR section and new carousels so colleagues could find policies, forms and benefit information much more easily.

Guided Experience

Having the ability to highlight different content was really important for the HR team.  We designed flexible components which meant the team could guide people to specific learning or actions that needed to be completed. They were also useful to signpost important information.

Values Driven

Subtle reminders of company values in consistent communications help to embed and refresh employees. So, as well as learning content and HR documentation, the platform was another touchpoint for us to weave through company values alongside the new brand experience.