Simplifying a learning platform for an international delivery company.


DHL had a learning platform for 30,000 employees. However certain groups of staff found it difficult to find the relevant training, meaning that the content couldn’t be accessed and training wasn’t being completed.


We reviewed the system and redesigned it to make the experience much simpler. We established clear learning pathways for specific roles across their organisation. This required mapping out their organisational structure and prototyping user flows.


The end result was a functional, bespoke tagging system that personalises content based on user information – enabling the company and individual employees to track their learning progress, in real time. Using a series of bespoke keywords, DHL have complete control over the content which ensures future proofed approach to training their workforce online. Leading to a huge increase in engagement.


This is the playground stage. We map the site, the user journey and how the features and functionality will work.


We use our research to tailor designs to your audience. We believe that striking visuals are the key to your brand standing out.


We understand that users access websites differently depending on convenience – this is why we make sure to design for all screen sizes.

The Connection

Increase in engagement with learning